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GTA 5 Mobile Android & iOS

You can download GTA 5 Mobile for your Android & iOS on my website.

Why you should download and play GTA 5 Android & iOS



I'll tell people who have never heard of GTA that it is a title with an open world. In the previous parts we played the role of one hero and walked through the streets of the city (and even cities) in order to complete a mission, earn money or have fun. Of course, because of the brutality, vulgar language and missions it is not a production for children.

One can ask what is so phenomenal about it? It's hard to answer this question, because everyone will like something different in GTA. Some will like circulating the car in the streets and wilderness, others will love the complicated and intriguing plot, and yet others will be tempted by entertainment that is inaccessible to them in reality, such as base jumping.


However, Grand Theft Auto 5 differs from its predecessors in many points, and the first one, visible to the naked eye, concerns the hero. Exactly three great ones, because that's the character we're going to have to play in. This is a novelty and quite revolutionary change in the series.

Now is time for GTA 5 Mobile - Review

After the loud premiere of GTA 5 we will have to wait a long time for the continuation of this cult action game, the release date of GTA 6 is not yet announced. But that doesn't mean you have to stop playing, you can taste something completely new... something else... GTA 5 Mobile is at your fingertips.

Together with a group of friendly programmers and gaming enthusiasts, we've called upon ourselves to create Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile. I must admit that it worked out perfectly, the application has already been released from the beta version and is available to all fans of the GTA game series. 



Over 300 000 Downloads

Players download our mobile gta over 300 000 times!


Players from over 150 coutries

We have players from many coutries like USA, UK and more!.

GTA 5 Android Requirements

Probably many of you have had or still have problems with the requirements that the GTA 5 needs in order to fully enjoy the game's graphics. Unfortunately, the graphic requirements of this game are quite high, fortunately nowadays everyone has a smartphone, often a phone has a better processor than a PC.

The GTA 5 Mobile application is fully optimized so it can be installed on literally any smartphone or tablet. The requirements are only 2 GB RAM and only 5 GB free phone storage! At the same time, the game knocks on your knees with a lot of details! I have to admit that our team did a great job optimizing the application.

Here are some android requirements for GTA 5:



Minimum 7.0 Nougat Android operating system


·At least 2 GB RAM


·Minimum 5 GB free phone storage

Can I play GTA 5 on Android?

We have prepared many surprises for the mobile version of the game. The first big surprise will certainly be completely new vehicles available in the game. The next one are completely renewed clothes for the main characters, new weapons couldn't be missing either ;) and this is not the end of surprises for players. As you can see,
GTA V mobile is a completely renewed version of the game that you can always have in your pocket, play on a train, on a journey, on a plane or even at school (which we do not recommend).

  • New vehicles, weapons, clothes
  • Extra cash to start
  • Brand new missions

Final Words

GTA V is once again set in the city of Los Santos, known from the earlier part entitled San Andreas. This time, the authors have given the players as many as three playable characters, between whom we can switch at any time. What's interesting is that when the other two aren't in control, they are in charge of their own affairs.

Our Amazing Team

Our amazing team is Milena Marlecka - an amateur programmer who loves mobile action games.

"The premiere of the new part of GTA reminded me that really few people care if a game is suitable for a child. In my time all games were "entertainment for kids", even though guys often played them long after school"

Can I download GTA 5 on Android?
YES! you can!

Milena Marlecka


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